A Wife’s Guide to Selecting a Birthday Cake for Husband

A wife’s Guide: Birthday Cake for Husband’s

Birthdays are just as important to adults as they are to kids. To adults, a birthday takes them down the memory lane whereby they reminisce of their achievements within the year, their aspirations as well as their dreams. It is a happy occasion that deserves to be celebrated, not only by them but by the people in their lives as well.

A husband is a gift to his wife and children that should be appreciated everyday and more so on their birthday. If you intend to throw a party for your significant other, then a birthday cake for husband is a must have. This involves more than just popping into a bakery store and grabbing an available birthday cake and dashing out. You need to put some thought to it in order to make it special.

Factors to consider When Selecting a Birthday Cake for Your Husband

Mode of Celebration

As your husband’s wife, you are in the best position to determine your husband’s preferred style of celebrating his birthday. In this case, you need to consider if he is a people’s person or an introvert. This will guide you into determining the best style to celebrate his special day. Does he want a birthday party where all his friends and family will be invited or an intimate gathering over the kitchen counter where only you and the kids are present? The fact that it is his special day means that he deserves to celebrate it within his comfort zone. If he is an introvert who prefers to stay safe and hidden within his shell, a large gathering full of strangers will make him uncomfortable. This will ruin their special day for them.

Theme of the cake

One of the top things that comes to mind when shopping for a birthday cake for husband is the theme of the cake. If you intend to throw a party for him, the cake will be determined by the theme of the party. This makes work easier for you. However, you need to keep it in mind that the birthday cake is the crown of the party and everyone usually looks forwards to its reveal and having a bite at it. Ensure that it is at its best.

There are some fun birthday cake theme ideas that are guaranteed to inspire fun in the party. However, you need to ensure that the cake speaks into the kind of person that he is and puts him in the best light. There are three ideas that will get you on the right track as far as the theme of the cake is concerned.

His personality

If he is the perfect gentleman, a cake in the theme of a tuxedo and a rose across it would speak volumes. If your kids consider him as their superhero, a halfway unbuttoned shirt with the superman costume underneath would be ideal.

His achievements

Everyone needs reassurance that they indeed are doing the right thing when it comes to parenting and living life in general. If he is in the military, have a cake in the theme of a superhero with the camouflage color theme. If he is the best employee at the office, ensure that you depict that in the theme of the cake. It is important to reassure him that he is indeed playing an important role both at work and at home.

His Aspirations

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. If he hopes to become the next president, have the cake in the theme of the national flag with words that reassure him that you believe in him. If he intends to participate in car racing, a race car theme will do just fine. This shows that you support and believe in his dreams and aspirations. With men, a pampered ego is always welcome.

Nature of Health

One of the major mishaps that should be avoided with birthday cakes is the possibility of allergic reactions to the ingredients used. The first health status that you should consider is your husband’s. Does he have a health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol? If so, ensure that the birthday cake for husband that you choose is safe for them. You may also want to consider your guests when selecting the birthday cake ingredients. You may want to ask them in advance if they are allergic to the ingredients that you intend to use in the cake. If some of the guests are allergic to common allergens such as nuts, honey, chocolate, you may opt for a cake that favors all or choose to have two different cakes for those who have allergies and those who do not.

Flavor of cake

When it comes to creating the perfect birthday cake for husband, you have the choice of ordering one from a professional bakery. The alternative to this is baking one yourself and making it special. The latter is a great option especially if you are good at baking. Having your wife take the time to bake you a cake on your special day sends a notion of love, care and importance. However, if you are not confident about your baking skills, the professional bakery option is the safest bet.

In this case, you will be granted the chance of choosing the type of cake; vanilla, strawberry, fruit, chocolate. In most of cases, adults like to keep things simple so the traditional fruit or vanilla cake is a preferred choice. However, you need to keep in mind the invited guests and their age. If your husband is elderly, you may want to steer away from overly sweet cakes.

If your husband is observing a healthy lifestyle, it is important to select a birthday cake that doesn’t set him back. Select a birthday cake for husband that is gluten free, sugar free, free of artificial ingredients and high in fiber.

It is important to show love and care when handling your husband’s birthday cake. Ensure that you have put enough thought into it in order to show just how much you care. You can choose to have a professional handle the cake selection for you. All you’ll have to do is state exactly how you think it should be and they will handle the rest for you.