Silicone Heat Resistant Cooking and BBQ Gloves, BPA Free FDA approved high temperature Multi-Purpose Silicone Gloves with One Size Fits All. Protect Your Hands And Avoid Accidents With Insulated Waterproof. A No-Slip Five Finger Design With a Strong Grip.

Product Features

  • AVOID STUCK FINGERS… With a very convenient No-Slip Five Finger Design with a Strong Grip you will be able to use all of your fingers to grab onto something. It’s so much easier than having only thumb and then the rest of the fingers stuck in one mitt. You can still cook and do other things while having the gloves on.
  • NO MORE BURNS through small holes or worn down spots on these traditional fabric potholders and oven mitts. It’s time for a more modern heat safe approach and the Gloves made with Premium Grade FDA Heat Resistant Silicone is the ultimate answer in security for cooking and grilling.
  • NOW SET of TWO! : Forget about having so many mismatched oven mitts and potholders which are great for putting pots on the table to keep it from burning, but not nearly as useful for taking things out of the oven as you can do it with your pair of Heat Resistant Sili-Gloves.
  • MORE ABOUT SILI-GLOVES: Soft in your hands, but built to withstand temperatures up to 430 F, lightweight, waterproof, flexible, great quality, super easy to clean and it’s dishwasher safe, nontoxic, eco-friendly, odorless, One-Size-Fits-Most is a standard size calculated on an average hands size, for more reference : 10.8 x 6.9 x 0.9 inches / 27.5 x 17.5 x 2.2 cm
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Sili-Gloves are like a built-in can opener, so you’re actually getting several useful tools in one, the limit is your imagination: Pull hot corn off the grill, Pull pork while it’s hot, Got pans out of the oven and have reach into boiling water for washing, Take hot soup, coffee or hot oatmeal bowl from the microwave, Working on Hot Engines, Removing hot light bulbs or anything hot to the touch, helps you open slippery jars, even great for handling cold items for long periods of time.