Now in a convenient and cheaper 3 pack!

A healthy alternative to your average sugar-filled cake mix and other mixes, these paleo versions make banana, blueberry, and lemon poppy seed cake and muffins that are moist and delicious. After enjoying a delectable bite you won’t believe that these 3 mixes are paleo and free of gluten, grain, dairy, soy and refined sugar. These cakes and muffins are absolutely mouth watering.

About Paleo Banana Bread & Muffin Mix

Enjoy the classic flavor of banana bread with this moist and delicious paleo baking mix. Simple to make, Paleo Banana Bread and Cake Mix is a quick and easy way to indulge your taste buds without breaking your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Just add a few everyday pantry items and ripe bananas for a rich and moist banana bread or muffins. Always keep a few Paleo Banana Bread and Muffins mixes in your cupboard.

About Paleo Blueberry Muffin Mix

Bursting with bright berry flavor, Paleo Blueberry Muffin Mix is a delicious and healthy alternative to the sugar filled muffins you’ll find in the bakery. Moist and fluffy, you won’t believe that the delicious muffins you can make with this mix are paleo and free of gluten, grain, dairy, soy and refined sugar! Paleo Blueberry Muffin Mixes are a perfect addition to your breakfast pantry supplies. Keep a mix or two around and always be prepared to make a healthy and delicious blueberry muffin in a snap!

About Paleo Lemon Poppy Seed Cake & Muffin Mix

Sweet and sunny, Paleo Lemon Poppy Seed Cake & Muffin Mix is an easy and delicious way to enjoy that bright lemon poppy seed flavor. The cakes and muffins made with this mix are moist and light, ensuring a crowd-pleasing dessert that you won’t believe is paleo and free of gluten, grain, dairy, soy and refined sugars. The golden sweetness of honey perfectly compliments the slight tartness of lemon to create mouth-watering pleasure in every bite.

Product Features

  • 100% Paleo and delicious!
  • Easy to make, versatile dry mix makes 17-18 muffins or 4 mini bread loaves
  • Just add water, eggs, coconut oil, vanilla, honey, (and fresh or dried blueberries or bananas).
  • Gluten, grain, dairy, soy, and refined sugar free
  • All Paleo Baking Company baking mixes are produced in a grain-free facility