Happy Birthday Cake Images – Pictures of Birthday Cakes

A birthday party isn’t complete without a lovely birthday cake. It’s the best way to wish “Happy Birthday” to someone. Also, it’s a way to get everyone in the party to celebrate this event with each other. Read on to understand about the various types of birthday cakes and traditions around the globe.


There is no thumb rule for shape or color of a birthday cake. These days, cakes come in so many forms and have high-quality designs and drawings on them. The color and design of the cake can be made to fit into the party’s theme in many ways. It has become a trend to order birthday cakes with specially themed designs. From cartoons someone enjoys to their favorite dress, anything can be a good idea for a cake’s theme. Check out our set of pictures of birthday cakes to understand how.


It’s easy to decorate a cake as per your wish. Depending on who’s birthday it is and what they like, you can ask the baker to put together the right design and colors. Is it your friend’s birthday? Try something fun, like writing their pet name on the cake. And for a dear one, you can put their cartoon version on the cake that looks almost like real. Decorating with their favorites TV or book character will also put a huge smile on their face. Have a look at the happy birthday cake images to see what all can be done to make them look sweet and amazing.

The birthday cake is usually decorated with small candles. These are placed with holders or just pressed into the cake. In the North America, Australia, and UK, the number of these candles is usually equal to the age of person whose birthday it is. The birthday person would make a private wish as per the old tradition. It’s a belief that the wish will be realized if they can blow all the candles in one breath.

Flavors and combinations

Birthday cakes come in lots of flavors. Some of the most popular flavors are: vanilla bean with butter cream frosting, red velvet with cream-cheese frosting, and chocolate on chocolate (which has been a classic flavor). Other than this, you have coffee, strawberry, or coconut cream. Layers of the cake can be prepared with multiple flavors which go well with each other. Going through our collection of happy birthday cake images you will see these and much more.

Birthday cakes are often served along with ice cream in North America. Not just that, there is a good of scope to have fun playing around with other desserts and wines.If sundaes are also a part of your party, you may try any light ice cream with it. Pair it with your favorite fruits like fresh bananas, blueberries, and some nuts. A birthday cake should be served with a greeting card. Nobody hates sprinkles and they go well in a birthday celebration too.

History of birthday cakes

Most people enjoy eating cake, but does everyone about the history of birthday cakes? How and when did the tradition we see today begin? How did the birthday song, cake, the wish, the candles, the wish became a part of birthday celebrations? The cake has long been a part of birthday celebrations in west Europe. It’s noted history goes back until the middle of the 19th century. And it still remains at the center of our birthday parties today.

Old birthday traditions

The old tradition of placing lit candles to the top of a cake began in Germany about three hundred years back. Some other rites are also common to a lot of Western cultures, like the singing of birthday songs. Actually, birthday celebrations and cakes have been together since the time of ancient Romans. Back then, these cakes were the privilege of wealthy families. Such celebrations have never been as popular in history as in the current times. There are many variations of the birthday cake around the world.

What was once a simple pastry has now become a mix of complex shapes, flavors, and varieties. The next time you are happily celebrating a birthday cake with friends and relatives, you will think about the long history of this interesting tradition. Not just that, your mind will be full of pictures of birthday cakes.