A Decorator’s Dream

Want that wedding or birthday cake to make everyone’s jaw drop? Then you need to Grab Gelindo’s cake decorating supplies kit! It contains 18 of the most durable stainless steel icing tips to crown those delicious cakes, cookies, or brownies; everything from open star, closed star, round, basketweave, special to ruffle weave designs in a range of sizes. We’ve even thrown in a reusable silicone pastry bag and a plastic coupler to make switching the tips incredibly easy.

Keep Things Organized

Ever wanted to decorate a cake and spent half the day frustratingly looking for the right tip? Well, you can now forget about all that hassle! The icing tips come in a sturdy partitioned plastic case that conveniently keeps them in position. So you can quickly pick just the right one without having to rummage through that kitchen drawer or plastic bag. And thanks to the included guide chart, you’ll know just which tip and size to make your pastries the talk of any occasion.

Here’s why this decorating tip set deserves a spot in your kitchen:

Set includes tips: 3,5,8,12,18,20,30,48,54,59,67,81,96,97,103,106,353,363

– High quality stainless steel construction that is corrosion resistant.

– Thoroughly tested to rule out any toxins that may interfere with taste.

– 18 frosting tips of varying size to create numerous beautiful designs.

– Non-stick and dishwasher safe parts for quick and hassle-free cleaning.

– Partitioned storage case for convenient organization and maximum portability.

Count on Gelindo for a pastry decorating set that strikes that perfect balance between quality, functionality and unrivaled value. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Product Features

  • CREATE BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS: Gelindo’s cake decorating supplies kit gives you everything you need to make that wedding or birthday cake beautifully stand out. It contains 18 stainless steel icing piping tips, 1 reusable silicone pastry bag and 1 plastic coupler. The baking tips include varying sizes of open star, closed star, round, basketweave, special and ruffle weave designs.
  • LASTS FOR YEARS: You’re in for unwavering service thanks to the ultra-durable stainless steel pastry decorating icing tips that can handle even the heaviest of batters. The frosting tips are rust resistant to keep them in great condition, and 100% tasteless and non-toxic to leave all that deliciousness untainted.
  • NO MORE RUMMAGING: You’ll never have to rummage through a drawer or plastic bag looking for the right decorator tip again. The sturdy plastic case is divided into 10 partitions, holding all the icing tips in position to give you quick access during baking, and allowing you to know whenever any tip is missing.
  • EASY TO IDENTIFY: Each of the metal piping tips is laser engraved with a number to quickly identify just the one you need. We’ve even included a guide chart to help you choose the right tip for your baking project. And with the non-stick and dishwasher safe construction, cleaning the cake decorating equipment will be a total breeze.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We’ve backed one of the most durable cake decorations supplies on Amazon with an iron-clad lifetime warranty. We’ll gladly replace any part of the pastry decorating kit in case of any dissatisfaction. Start creating beautiful pastries by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ now!