“Dough-It-All” with this All-In-One Half Size non-stick baking mat. No need to buy a half size baking mat, a macaron baking mat or even a non-stick silicone rolling mat to size your dough circles. The “Dough-It-All” has got you covered! Replaces wax paper- just wipe it clean and use thousands of times. Both sides have helpful measuring guides to size and roll out your creations. Use the macaron side to size out 20 two-inch macaron cookies on the dotted circle guides. On the other side you will find circle guides to help you roll out the perfectly sized dough circle from 5 to 10 inches round. The mat also features both inch and centimeter ruler guides on the edges. Roll out and then bake on the either side of this multi-tasker silicone mat. It’s fantastic for cooling or forming sticky creations on or just letting your chocolate covered strawberries firm up! The surface is not designed to be cut upon. Don’t cut the mat or use a torn mat. Keep sharp scraping tools off the mat. Do not grease or fold it to store it. To clean, use a mild soap, rinse and then store flat. Temperature rating: -40°F to 480° F (-40° C to 260° C). Actual size of the mat is 11 5/8″ by 16 1/2″ for use with a 13″ by 18″ sheet pan. Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone. Now, get baking!

Product Features

  • Non-Stick Half Size Baking Mat for use with 13″ x 18″ sheet pan
  • Multi-tasker: Bake 20 two-inch macarons using the dotted cookie guides on one side
  • Use the other side’s 5-10″ circles to roll out dough, then bake on the same mat. Includes and inch and cm guide.
  • Great for sticky items- this replaces waxed paper and is reusable thousands of times.
  • Made of FDA approved 100% food grade silicone; not designed for cutting on.