Accuracy is essential in the kitchen, and one poor measurement can ruin a perfect meal. This premium digital kitchen scale switches seamlessly between gram and ounce with a push of a button, which means you get exact measurements every single time.

From liquids to spices and everything in between, there’s no ingredient that cannot be weighed on this digital scale! The design is super-sleek, featuring black and silver tones that beautifully complement any modern or traditional kitchen design.

Easily measure the “net” weight or volume of any item by using the Tare function, which subtracts the weight of any container you may be using. It safely and accurately measures up to 5,000 grams or 11 lb., making it ideal for both small and large measurements.

It’s designed to suit the culinary needs of any gourmet cook, busy professional, or health-conscious foodie. If you have strict diet specifications or have just started a weight loss plan, you absolutely need this kitchen scale!

To weigh any food item, just place it on the scale. The weight instantly appears on the LCD digital screen with clear and easy-to-read numbers. To switch between pounds and grams, simply press a button!

Measure herbs, spices, liquids, solid foods, and so much more. Place empty container (bowl, cup, plate, etc.) on the the stain-resistant tempered glass platform, then press the Tare function. This will subtract the weight of the container. Then, just place the item you want to weigh into the container and get a perfect measurement!

Light, convenient, portable, and easy to store. To clean, simply use a soft washcloth, mild soap and water. 2 AAA batteries required (not included). This elegant digital scale also features easy-press buttons and an automatic shut-off feature!

Product Features

  • ELEGANT, SMOOTH, AND EASY TO USE! The Oliver & Kline Digital Kitchen Scale gives precise measurements for all your ingredients in ounces (oz) or grams (g)! To weigh any food items, just place them on the scale. The weight will quickly appear on the clear LCD screen. To switch between ounces and grams, simply press a button to make the conversion in seconds. These features make it easy to count calories and portions while you cook, helping you reach all of your nutrition goals!
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE AND DURABLE! Weighing with precision has never been easier thanks to our professional quality stainless steel scales. Whether you’re weighing an ounce of coffee grounds or 5 pounds of meat, this industrial measuring scale has you covered! The heavy duty detachable glass platform is waterproof and stain resistant, so you and your family can enjoy it for years to come!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO STORE! The sleek flat design of our Digital Food Scale allows for convenient storage and maximum portability. To clean, just use a soft washcloth with mild soap and water. 2 AAA batteries required (not included). Easy press buttons and compact design. Contains Auto Shut Off feature to save energy when you’re not in the kitchen!
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  • USER FRIENDLY TARE FUNCTION! Measure herbs, spices, liquids, and solid food with ease thanks to our built-in Tare function. Just place an empty container (bowl, cup, plate, ec.) on the removable tempered glass platform and press the Tare function. This will subtract the weight of the container. Then, place the food item in the container and put it back on the scale for weighing. It’s that easy! The automated Tare function also makes this scale perfect for weighing jewelry and postal supplies!