Spoon mold has 6 Cavities and each cavity measures is 3.75″ x 1″ X .5″ (longest sides) Delicate Rose mold has 15 cavities and each cavity measures 1.1 inch in diameter and .65″ deep Rose and camellia mold has 15 cavities and each cavity measures 1.10″ diameter and 0.65″ deep Sunflower mold has 15 cavities and each cavity measures 1 inch in diameter and 0.6″ deep Seashell mold has 8 cavities with cavities in various sizes Fruit mold has 11 cavities with cavities in various sizes Silicone is a lightweight material with rubber-like qualities made from a pure form of very fine sand. Not only is it heat-resistant but you can also use it in the fridge, freezer and microwave, which means that it has great versatility – think molding frozen desserts among other uses. Silicone can either be thrown into the dishwasher or washed by hand in hot soapy water – just don’t use abrasive cleaners or scorers. Also keep them away from open flames, and don’t place directly on heated hotplates or under grills. silicone has shown that it is particularly suitable for baking small/individual cakes and those that are quite delicate in nature (such as flourless cakes) as the flexibility of the pans allows you to easily ‘push’ the cake out or peel the silicone away once they are baked. Remember though that you won’t get the same golden crust you will with traditional metal bake ware. Silicone trays are perfect for Jello, Ice cubes, soap, baking, candy molding and chocolate molding. Silicone can resist heat up to 400 Fahrenheit.

Product Features

  • Valentine Value Pack of 6 different chocolate molds.
  • 1x Animal & Love, 1x Delicate Rose, 1x Rose , 1x SeasShell, 1x Heart with Border, 1x Heart with Dimple
  • Approximate measurement of each tray is 8.4 inch By 4.25 inch.
  • Each item measures is in the Product Description (measurements are approximate at the longest sides)
  • All molds are 100% silicone and can be used in an oven.