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Happy Birthday Cake Pictures – Our Favorite Cakes

Happy birthday cakes can be quite different. They can be  wedding cakes, Christmas cakes or birthday cakes. But i can tell you Happy Birthday cakes pictures are probably the best out of the lot. One of the happy moments where you just forget about everything and enjoy the birthday celebration and especially the cake. You may spend heavy money on wedding cakes but it can’t match your creamy birthday cake.

Birthday cake with names have been around since middle of 19th century. There are few rituals which are associated with cutting of birthday cake, these include lighting of candles and then blowing them just before cutting the cake.  Other traditions include singing of birthday songs and dancing.

Birthday celebrations are done in different ways in different countries and areas. In many countries the regular tradition is followed with the song “Happy Birthday to You.” In some places the birthday person (male or female) will blow out the candles and taste the birthday cake before distributing the birthday cake to the others.

Every birthday is very special and the most beautiful part of it comes at the time of cutting the cake. Making the birthday of your loved ones be very special is now very simple. This is by finding a happy birthday cake with name that will make him/her loved on this special day. Depending on who is celebrating the birthday, you will always find a happy birthday cake for him/her. Below are some of the top happy birthday cake with names.

happy birthday cake picture - cosmetic

Cosmetic Happy Birthday Cake Picture

This is a special cake for the girls, who cherish all about cosmetic stuff. It is designed in a classic manner and with the space to write the name of the girl. The cake is suitable for females of any given age and it is one that will make her birthday special. It is, therefore, one of the ultimate birthday cakes she will really love.

german chocolate cake picture

Beautiful German Chocolate Cake Picture

In case you are invited to a friend’s party, then this is one of the many cakes with names that you can always take with you. It has a smart design and with the space created for the name, you can write the friend’s name to make it a special gift to the friend. The chocolate color makes it very tasty and mouthwatering cake everyone will like to have a bit at the party.

21st happy birthday cake picture

Best 21st Happy Birthday

This is a special cake meant for anyone and mostly those celebrating their 21st birthday. Just like other cakes with names, it also has a space for writing the name. The cake is decorated in a smart way and, therefore, one that will make your party glamorous.

Awesome Mix Cartoon Faces Birthday Cake

Making your kid feel loved and cared for on his/her birthday won’t be complete without bringing along this birthday cake. It is decorated with several cartoon faces that any kid will definitely love. you are provided with a space where you will write the name of the kid. The design is also very elegant, and this makes it perfect for any kid.

Amazing Decorated Rose Birthday Cake

Surprising your loved ones or friends with roses on their birthday is something enough to make the day special. To bring a long with you a cake and a rose, you will need this birthday cake. It is decorated to suit any kind of birthday. The smart design with a space to write the name makes it the perfect choice for the loved ones.

Special decorated Happy Birthday Cake

Showing your love for friends using this cake will make their birthday very special. The birthday in the shape of love and some beautiful decorations is the best for any friend. It is recommended for a friend’s birthday. With the space left, you can always write the name of the friend.

Beautiful Best Birthday Cake

This is another spectacular happy birthday cakes name that is suitable for girls. The cake is decorated and designed in a way to suit any girl. This is because of the gorgeous flower design on the top. To make the birthday very special, you should add her name in the provided space.

New Arrival Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

The boys also have something special on their birthdays. This elegant chocolate cake with name to make any boy have a beautiful smile on the face. The cake is designed to suit all boys and it is one everyone will need a taste at the party.

Pineapple Birthday Cake

This is another awesome happy birthday cake with name. The cake is perfect for boys and the design makes it one of the ultimate choices. In order to make your boy feel happy and loved on this day, you can always write the name on the cake. It is a palatable cake to make the party very enjoyable.

Ice Cream Candle Birthday Cake

This is a smart birthday cake that can be given to anyone on his/her birthday. It is a special cake with name for a special day. The cake has a space where you can write the name of the one celebrating the birthday. This is something that will make the day very special and memorable to him/her.

Butter Birthday Cake

The girls are very favored as they have a wide range of birthday cake with names on their special day. This is one of the umpteen selections of the glamorous and palatable birthday for any girl. All you need is to add the name of the girl and she will have a fantastic birthday. This birthday cake is designed and decorated in a special way that all girls will really love.

Best Chocolate Birthday Cake

Do you wish to impress your best friend on his/her birthday? In case you do, then this chocolate birthday cake will make it wonderful. The cake is decorated in a classic way for a special day. The chocolate also makes it very tasty to make the party more enjoyable. To make the friend feel very special, you will need to add the name in the space provided.

Cartoon Birthday Cake for Kids

This is another perfect birthday cake for kids. With the cartoon design, it will make your kid very happy. The decorations make it very sophisticated and, therefore, the ultimate for your kid. It has a space where you need to write the name of the kid. This is a cake to make a special birthday.

Cool Birthday Cake

Cool boys will always prefer a very cool birthday party. To make such a birthday even cooler, then this smart, happy birthday cake with name will do it for you. It is a happy birthday cake meant for boys. The decoration and design makes it very great for any boy. You can always write the name in the provided space.

Candles Decorated Happy Birthday Cake

Blowing off the candles is a special part of any birthday occasion. In order to make the birthday of your loved one be very special, then this the cake to carry. It is designed to suit any birthday party, hence a great choice. It also has a space for writing the name of the person celebrating the birthday.

These are some of the myriad number of happy birthday cake names that will make any birthday special. The cakes are designed and decorated in a very awesome way. They also have space for writing names to make the day very special.

Pictures of Birthday Cakes

You can find tons of  Birthday Cake photos online. Birthday cake pictures & birthday cake images and designs are all over the internet now a days. We have selected few special ones which you can check out below. We  will soon be releasing a collection of birthday wallpapers and other stuff, keep updated with our latest post.

plain happy birthday cake picture

Plain Birthday Cake

heart happy birthday cake picture - red and white hearts

Heart Red and White Birthday Cake

Heart shaped birthday cake

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Creamy Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Images

These were some awesome and yummy looking designer birthday cakes. We will soon be adding more great designer birthday cakes pictures so you can surprise for your loved ones.

If you like socializing  you can create some awesome designs and birthday cake pictures. You can send to the birthday person on Facebook, through a greeting mail or through other social media sites. You can even add some birthday quotes and birthday cards to show your love and care.

These Days more creative ideas are coming to decorate happy birthday cakes. These include adding a picture of the birthday person. A happy birthday cake with names of the birthday person written with dark chocolate. You can display a picture of their favorite actor, cartoon character and even picture of their favorite place or food. Some people like normal happy birthday cakes. These cakes these are vanilla cake with nuts, a chocolate cake, a strawberry cake or fruit cakes.

Birthday Cake Recipe

Most Birthday cakes are not that difficult to bake and can be prepared in a short time with some care and precision.  All you need to do is to follow a few instructions and you will be able to create a birthday cake at home.

Firstly, I recommend you have a look here and check various recipes for creating a birthday cake. I started by creating a chocolate birthday cake and was successful after few tries.

I would like you to check out this video to create mini birthday cakes and getting started with cake making.

If you have gone through the video, you will notice the video explains clearly how one can easily create happy birthday cakes. You can go through more videos where you can learn the art of making birthday cakes. Creating cakes at home will add a good habit to your life. It will make you and the birthday person happy and may even save some money. Furthermore, I am not telling you to compromise with the quality of the ingredients of the cake.

Creating a cake is only half of the job. T other half includes decorating the cake and presenting your cake in the best possible manner.

Decorating a birthday cake make be a tough task and require some skills and patience, but to make it easier check out the video below and see how you too can decorate birthday cakes awesomely. I recommend you to test out new designs and share them with us.

 Presenting a birthday Cake

No matter how good your birthday cake taste but if you are not able to present it in a good way it will not make you and the birthday person happy. While presenting the birthday cake do remember certain points.

  • Back the birthday cake properly and ready to eat.
  • Once the cake has cooled down you can pack the cake.
  • Try and make the decorations simple specially if you have to carry your cake away from home, so that the decorations you have made are perfect and the cake maintains its outlook.
  • You should carry few candles, a knife. You can carry other birthday accessories like birthday caps and birthday cards if you want.

Implementing these few points will help you present your self made cake in best possible way and obviously make the birthday person happy.

Beautiful Birthday Cakes

Happy birthday cakes are different for everyone. true everyone has their personal choice and taste, the Birthday person may like birthday cakes that what you would want. In the upcoming days you will find various birthday cake ideas and much more. Do stay connected with us and find lots of interesting related stuff for fun, enjoyment and happiness.

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